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Yookidoo Peek-a-Bee Flower Bath/Water Toy

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  • Ignites curiosity and cooperation.
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor-skills.
  • Teaches cause-and-effect and demonstrates essential STEM principles.
  • Recommended for children ages 18+ months.
  • Water the flower then watch as the worm rises and the flower blossoms the petals open to reveal a bumble bee inside.
  • Does not require batteries and solely uses the power of water.
  • Can be used with any clean water, for example, in bathtubs, swimming pools, or kiddie pools.


A garden theme bath toy- a flower pot with a worm and a flower that hides a bumble bee inside it. Also includes a watering can. Use the included watering can to make the worm pop up, the flower bloom, and the bee appear – a chain reaction of fun! It's not just a bath toy; it's a learning adventure exploring cause and effect, STEM concepts, and imaginative play. Pour water for a magical garden, engage in pretend tasks, and strengthen muscles. Safe for tubs, sinks, and pools, this battery-free toy runs on the power of water, sparking curiosity and endless fun!