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About Us

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We opened our doors in 1985 when we purchased toys from 25 different toy companies. Today we work with 450 toy manufacturers, allowing us to offer parents and grandparents new and different toys from around the world. The owners of learning tree toys, books and games, inc. are Montessori teachers and parents who realize that parents today want what is best for their children and that may not be what they see in TV toy commercials.

We seek out those toys, games and activities that best match the development milestones of each child's age from birth to fourteen - and then we even have games and puzzles for 14 to 104!

The store is designed in developmental sections of infants, toddlers, two, three, four, five and six-year-olds with their own shelves of toys, games, puzzles and manipulative activities. There are developmental signs at each section to remind parents and grandparents what children of that age are developing and suggestions of toys to help in those skills whether gross or fine motor, discerning patterns, shapes and colors, counting, reading and thinking skills.

There are other sections including trains, dolls, doll houses, puppets and puppet theaters, stuffed animals, costumes, collectable horses, tricycles and outdoor toys, construction and building toys, arts and crafts, puzzles, Toniebox and Tonies, books and science activities. All in 2800 square feet!