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Yarn Llama

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About this item

  • CUTE AND CUDDLY LLAMA TO LOVE: This trendy arts and crafts kit allows kids to express their creativity as they make an adorable 9.5” tall yarn-wrapped llama doll to love. A bright and colorful bridle and blanket set provides the perfect accessory.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR AGES 8 AND ABOVE: This Craft-tastic kit promises llama fun for children, tweens and young teens ages 8 and above. If you are searching for a gift that will stimulate her imagination, this is it!
  • JUST ASSEMBLE, WRAP AND ACCESSORIZE: Making this trendy and cute Craft-tastic craft takes a little patience, but should be no prob-llama for anyone who has done arts and crafts before. Kids simply assemble a cardboard form and wrap it with yarn. Then they can make a colorful bridle and blanket to add a bit of flair to their finished llama.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE KIT AVOIDS LLAMA DRAMA: All necessary supplies are included in this affordable, convenient kit! No additional shopping for special tools or hard-to-find materials, saving time and money.
  • COMPLETE ARTS & CRAFTS KIT FOR TWEENS AND TEENS: The Craft-tastic Yarn Llama includes everything needed for kids to make a llama of their very own – detailed instructions, 9 pieces of acrylic felt, 20 yards of cotton thread, 103 yards of acrylic yarn, 46 acrylic pom poms, 1 roll of adhesive and 9 pieces of cardboard.