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Vampires & Blood

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A scientific laboratory that is a scream - for children to create “vampirish” howlingly funny and blood-curdling slimes!

The kit contains all they will need to create wounds and fake blood to be poured into sachets for transfusions as well as a frightful set of false teeth for gripping fun in the world of vampires!

Children will enjoy themselves experimenting with the science of horror, learning the principles of chemistry in a fun way and creating lots of different spooky vampirish slimes!

The manual will guide children as they carry out the experiments in total safety and suggest extra experiments, such as making a vampire drink to be enjoyed with witches’ fingers.

All the component parts and ingredients of this game have been tested to ensure plenty of engaging fun in complete safety for children.

Conceived, designed and developed in Italy.
Age target: 8+

Box size (LxPxA): 35 x 26 x 7

Weight:780 gr

No Batteries needed