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Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Stacking Game

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Five friendly unicorns are having so many visitors that they now need help building onto the Glitterluck Castle. Players work together, with great finesse, to stack the wooden unicorns and clouds while also trying to collect the 10 valuable pink cloud crystals. A roll of the die and movement of baby Rosalie the unicorn determines what shape is to be stacked. Be careful! If anything falls, then a cloud tile must be turned over and there may be a thunderstorm! All players must skillfully stack all unicorns and clouds and collect all 10 crystals before three thunderstorms appear! 

A cooperative and dexterity stacking game

* Includes 5 cute wooden unicorns and 10 clouds

* Includes 10 pink glittery cloud crystals

* A roll & move cooperative, dexterity game