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Plip Kit from Fat Brain Toys

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 Plip flips the script on creative construction!

This collection of 46 silicone arches, sticks, and Xs connect via ball-and-socket ends to build an endless variety of artful structures. Create swirling patterns, complex prisms, architectural sculptures - the connections hold together strong, and when you pull them apart, they make the most satisfying "POP!" With the Plip Kit, you're not just building, you're exploring.


  • Silicone ball-and-socket construction set
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, creativity, STEM skills
  • Ball-and-socket connection holds strong, makes exciting POP sound when pulled apart
  • Endless ways to build and create
  • Includes 10 sticks, 24 arches, 12 Xs, washable storage bag
  • Sticks measure 4.5 inches
  • Made of 100% food-grade silicone - Dishwasher safe

Recommended for ages 4+