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Make A Plate Easy Craft Project Kit

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From the Make-a-Plate people, this kit gives you more options for your art work! Inside the kit are 6 templates you can choose to color, a set of washable markers, and clear instructions to follow. When you are ready to order your customized product, scan and upload your favorite piece of artwork (can be original or from a template) to makit.com. Product options include: 10" melamine plate, melamine bowl, stainless steel water bottle, double-wall plastic travel tumbler, tablet sleeve/make up pouch, or a two-sided laminated placemat. ~Sara

Publisher Description:

The Easy Craft Project Kit works great for arts and craft classes, club groups, giftsfor friends and family, or even just a rainy afternoon. Create your artwork, thenpersonalize your own melamine plate, melamine bowl, travel tumbler, water bottle,tablet sleeve, or placemat. Let your imagination run wild!

Make A Plate and more!

Kits Include:

  • 6 Ready to color templates(designs vary by theme)
  • 4 Blank ready to drawtemplates
  • Washable markers
  • 1 FREE prepaid item certificate
  • Easy how-to instructions

Category Description for Make-A-Plate:

We used these products for years before offering them in our catalog. These kits contain circular sheets of paper for kids (or you!) to design and be made into plates or other practical customized items. You can make plates for fun, holidays, projects, invitations, awards, or a multitude of other occasions. For several Christmases, we made up a list of relatives and divided them between us kids. Then we made plates for them all, depicting memories of times together or pictures of things they liked. We (and our relatives) still have some of these plates dating back to 1988!

The kits have undergone some changes in recent years and now most of the individual kits have been replaced by a more versatile "Make A Plate and More! Easy Craft Project Kit. Inside the kit are 6 round templates to color and a set of washable markers. When you are ready to order your customized product, scan and upload your favorite piece of artwork to Makit.com (JPEG files at 300dpi) where you will choose a background color (where applicable) and your product. Your personalized keepsake arrives in 7-10 days. You choose 1 of the following items: 10" melamine plate, 12 oz. melamine bowl, 20 oz. stainless steel water bottle, 20 oz. doublewall plastic travel tumbler, 7" tablet sleeve/make up pouch, or an 11" x 17" two-sided laminated placemat. Your kids will love to use their custom-made items, or use them for gifts at the holidays. Grandparents will love it! ~Sara