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Lollipop Lab

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Explore the sweeter side of science and math!

Following easy, detailed instructions, kids will get to whip up batches of red cherry and blue raspberry lollipops, plus a massive ring lollipop with both flavors.

They'll learn about temperature as they use the thermometer to boil sugar. They'll discover how the sugar crystallizes to form hard candy. They'll gain experience with measurements, conversions, volumes, and weights, then calculate the volume of their lollipops.

It's a thrill for the mind and a joy for the tastebuds!

Get your young sweet tooth excited about science, exploration, and discovery with the Lollipop Lab.

Lollipop Lab
  • Science kit for cooking up delicious lollipops
  • Encourages comprehension, logic, STEM skills
  • Make batches of red cherry and blue raspberry lollipops, a massive ring lollipop
  • Learn about temperature, measurement, conversions, volumes, weights, and more
  • Discover how sugar crystallizes to form hard candy!
  • Includes lollipop molding tray, candy thermometer, 20 lollipop sticks, ring lollipop base, blue raspberry lollipop mix (50g), red cherry lollipop mix (50g), beaker
  • Full-color 8-page instruction manual included
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional candy-making experience

    To make lollipops, you will also need:About 1.5 cups of granulated sugar (300g/12oz.), heatproof cutting board or work surface, stove or hot plate, small saucepan, oven mitt, water, two metal spoons and a butter knife, bowl of cold water, clean dish towel or paper towel, metal tray or plate lined with parchment paper, time-keeping device (clock, watch, or stopwatch), cup of boiling water (for cleaning)