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Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle Game

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Can you lay all of the pieces on the board so that you build a path for Little Red Riding Hood to reach Grandma's House? 

Then you can play the game with the Wolf! But beware, he might get there faster! Try to solve these challenges by making two paths to Grandma's House: one for Little Red Riding Hood, and one for the Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood includes 48 challenges (24 with the Wolf and 24 without) also features a family-friendly picture book with a modern twist on the original story

Age: 4-7

Challenges: 48

Inside the box

Game board

5 puzzle pieces with roads

2 figurines

3 trees and 1 house

Booklet with 48 challenges

Bonus picture book with images 

Playing the game stimulates the following cognitive skills: concentration, planning, problem solving, spatial insight, visual perception