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Klutz STEAM Lab Gross Nose Science Book & Activity Kit

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Immerse yourself in the science of snot!

Following along with the 32-page book, kids will get to explore 10 unique experiments on sinus-based anatomy, make sense of scents, and even whip up a batch of boogers, all while learning how snot, mucus, and nose hairs protect the body.

It comes with a fake, squishy sneezer for experiencing the snot in action, a petri dish for growing their own germ cultures, plus soapy activities for observing how germs can be eradicated.

A runny nose has never been so fun!

Discover the wonders of congestion with the Klutz Steam Lab Gross Nose Science kit.

Klutz Steam Lab - Gross Nose Science
  • Kit for exploring the science of snot and nasal anatomy
  • Encourages direction-following, logic, STEM skills, an interest in healthcare
  • 10 experiments to explore
  • Features soft, squishy nose with materials to make snots that can be squeezed out
  • Grow germ cultures safely in a petri dish
  • Explore soapy activities to see how germs can be eradicated
  • Learn how snot, mucus, and nose hairs protect the body
  • Includes squishy nose, 2 plastic nose hair plugs, 2 bottles of not snot ooze, mucky mucus, not snot powder, agar powder, petri dish, measuring beaker
  • 32-page book with anatomy, experiments, and more included
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional experiment-and-learn experience