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Hape Fire Station

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This tri-level wooden Fire Station features everything needed to be ready for any emergency with a furnished office, eating and sleeping quarters, a working garage door, and a fire pole.

Watch the firefighter swirl around while descending down the fire pole. Use the string mechanism to put the truck in motion and open the garage door. Press the button to activate the fire bell and light.

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Measures 23 1/2"L x 11 3/4"W x 18 3/4"H.

Included: Fire Station, Axe, Fire Extinguisher, Helicopter, Flame, Fire Hydrant, Radar Dish, Flag, Control Bar, Fire Fighter, Rescue Dog, and Fire Engine.


• Multi-level fire station and fire engine
• Fire pole design makes the fire fighter swirl around as he descends
• Accessories include axe, fire extinguisher, helicopter, flame, fire hydrant, and more
• Push the button to activate the fire bell and light (batteries not included)
• 3 years and up



Suitable for 3 years +
Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Clang-clang-clang! The alarm is ringing and flashing - there is a fire to put out! The sound/light effect controlled by a button (battery operated), adds more fun to this playset and realism to play the scenarios.

There's an emergency so we need to get the firefighter into the fire engine and on the move ASAP. Slide your fireman down the pole, sound the alarm bell and send your firefighter out to get those flames!

The firefighter comes with bendable feet and arms. Make him fit inside the truck or the helicopter. Everything your firefighter will need to save lives is ready, an ax, helicopter, fire hydrant, flag and control board!

Pull the string, the fire engine will rush out of the garage, to the fire scene and save the day. Kids will have more hours of fun playing with this wooden toy!

Create your own fun play scenarios with this playset. There are endless opportunities for individual and group roleplay.