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Dig it Up! Deluxe Excavation Kit

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Discover gems, fossils, dinosaurs and a skeleton to assemble in this Deluxe Excavation Kit. Look like a real explorer when you put on the included excavation vest and hat, then use the tools to dig, dust off and examine each of the 8 treasures inside the 6 exciting dig sites. Dig It Up! fans will love the authenticity of the sturdy pieces in this kit, and caregivers will love setting down the impressive excavation mat for easy clean-up when the exploration is done! • Six exciting dig sites reveal 8 treasures• A hands-on lesson in science and the natural world for kids • Fun for an individual child or a group•

Includes attire and tools to look and act just like a real archaeologist


* 1 flat dig with 8” dinosaur model

* 1 large 4” egg with 3 dinosaurs

* 2 Jurassic rocks with fossils

* 2 prehistoric crystal digs with gems

* 1 excavation mat

* 1 explorer vest

* 1 explorer hat

* 3 chisels

* 1 hammer

* 1 brush, 1 sponge, 1 magnifying glass

* 8 collector fact cards and instructions

Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and up