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Counting Pogo Jumper by Kidoozie

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Finally you'll have proof of who can hop the most! Grab onto the comfy foam handles, step onto the durable foam footholds, and pull up on the stretchy bungee.

When kids jump, they feel like they're flying higher than ever before as the bungee pulls up on their feet. When they land - SQUEAK! - A built-in squeaker sparks an eruption of giggles with every hop.

And when they continue hopping, hopping, and hopping some more - One, Two, Three, Four! - They get to watch with delight as the special electronic counter adds it all up.

Comfortable, fun, colorful, and educational, the Counting Pogo Jumper will get your little one up, active, and hopping straight into a brain-strengthening adventure.

  • Handlebar covered with colorful foam for lasting comfort - Stretchy bungee accommodates any height
  • Counter perfectly counts every hop - Just press the "R" button to reset it
  • Includes one counting pogo jumper
  • Requires 1 button cell battery - Included
  • Exceptionally durable - Supports up to 250 pounds!