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Colorama Game by Ravensburger

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Enter the dynamic world of Colorama with its different colors and shapes! A fun color and shape matching game for children ages 3 and up. Colorama requires no reading and features four different quick-play game variations for 1-6 players. 

Shape Up Your Color Skills

Can you find a matching space for every shape and color? Roll the color and shape die, find the matching piece and place it on the game board! The game is over when each piece has found its matching space and the board is full of vibrant shapes and colors! Four different levels of game play allow children of all ages and abilities to enjoy this exciting color challenge. 

Discovering Colors and Shapes!

Colorama is an early learning, no-reading game designed to introduce preschoolers to basic board game rules, such as turn-taking, patience, dice-rolling and piece movement as well as colors and shapes. The game includes four different play variations, allowing children of all ages and abilities to recognize and discover different shapes, such as a circle, square, triangle, hexagon, and trapezoid and basic colors in a playful way. Children practice matching skills, hand-eye coordination, deductive reasoning and identification.


1 game board, 40 game pieces ( 4 colors: red, blue, green, yellow & 5 shapes: circle, square, triangle, hexagon, trapezoid), 1 wooden color die, 1 wooden shape die, 1 set of detailed instructions