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Bubble Barista Drink-Mixing Kit

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This innovative drink-making kitchen science kit takes your taste buds on an adventure by combining the excitement of colorful, bubbly drinks with the fizzy magic of science.

With the included recipe book, you can follow step-by-step instructions to whip up a variety of delicious drinks or experiment with custom color and flavor combinations to create your own concoctions.

First, mix ingredients to make bubbles, then add your own juice and flavoring. Experiment with different flavors and colors to create a myriad of bubbly beverages! As you measure and follow directions, you'll not only learn about the fascinating process of spherification but also develop essential skills in kitchen science for kids. In fact: the process of making spherification bubbles is so scientifically amazing that it requires two extra-special ingredients: Sodium Alginate & Calcium Lactate. We’ve pulled these ingredients together as an add-on option (item #14386941 sold separately on this site) to help you get started as a drink mixologist right away! 

• Create colorful, bubbly drinks with this innovative kitchen science kit, a fizztastic drink-making kit combining science and fun
• Develops essential skills in kitchen science while learning about spherification process and experimenting with custom flavor combinations 
• Includes Bubble Barista unit (bubble lid, pitcher, base), measuring spoons, measuring cup, jar, 2 cups, 2 straws and recipe book

 Requires Sodium Alginate & Calcium Lactate (item #14386941 sold separately on this site)

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Ages 8 and up