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Words Over Easy Game

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How do you like your words?

Each player gets a pen and a pad of paper. At the start of each round, drop the Letter Eggs into the Egg Sorter. Then - Quick! - Start writing words!

The letters that ended up in the green tray MUST be used while the letters in the red tray must be avoided at all costs. How many unique words can you come up with?

Green tray: P, E, T.

Red tray: K, L, W.

Words you can use: Pets, Peat, Pester, Pottery, Poster, Temporary, Tepid...

Words you can't use: Pewter, Pelt, Platter, Kept...

Once the sand timer runs out, everyone puts down their pens and reads their words aloud. If any players used the same word, they have to cross it out. Words of 6 letters or less are worth one point while words of 7 letters or more are worth 2 points.

The first player to score 20 or more points wins the game!

Cook up a game night of word-scrambling egg-citement with the fast-paced and clever Words Over Easy.

Words Over Easy
  • Game of scrambling to turn a few letters into the most unique words
  • Encourages reading skills, creativity, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking, concentration
  • Egg sorter sorts letter eggs into good and bad letters
  • Use the good letters to make words of any length while avoiding the bad letters
  • 6 letters or less = 1 point, 7 letters or more = 2 points - Only unique words count
  • Use the category cards as an added challenge - Words that fit the category are worth 3 points!
  • First to score 20 points or more wins the game
  • Includes egg sorter, red tray, green tray, 6 letter eggs, deck of 27 category cards, 1-minute sand timer
  • Illustrated game rules and instructions included
  • Quality materials, lasting durability, egg-ceptional gameplay