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TIMIO Set 1 (5 Discs)

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TIMIO expansion set with 5 magnetic audio discs. TIMIO is an interactive and educational audio player for preschool children with simple operation: the child selects a disc, places it on TIMIO and taps on a picture. Extension set 1 contains the following themes: Wild Animals, Musical Instruments, Colours, Nursery Rhymes Vol. 1 and Body Parts.

Features & details

  • Food-grade ABS plastic
  • Set of 5 Discs for the TIMIO Player: Wild Animals / Nursery Rhymes Vol. I / Colors / Musical Instruments / Body Parts;
  • Extension set of 5 discs for TIMIO the educational audio and music player for children;
  • This set contains 5 magnetic discs with quizzes, stories and music that can easily be swapped by a child;
  • Since TIMIO is a toy without a screen and there are no moving images, your child will focus on the voice and sounds. The LED light and images enhance the visual experience. Changing the discs stimulates motor skills.