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Story Time Chess

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Meet King Shakey, who's afraid of bees, trees, and even his own knees—which is why he moves so cautiously, one square at a time. Characters, stories, activities, and imagery help kids as young as 3 learn the moves, strategies, and language of chess. This fun, creative approach to the game of kings has been used in schools and endorsed by chess masters and homeschooling parents alike. Grown-ups need no prior chess experience to help kids learn with these materials, so it's fun for everyone. 

Kids as young as 3 are learning to play chess. Not by memorizing moves and rules, but by hearing silly stories and using a special board and pieces. Thousands of children have learned chess this way, many from non-chess-playing teachers (and parents). People's Choice Toy of the Year 2021 winner, game includes a storybook, double-sided chess board (one story-themed side, one standard chess side), custom chess pieces, and cloth storage bags for pieces