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Slackers Hammock Swing

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Product Description

A unique twist on classic outdoor relaxation!

A hammock disguised as a swing, this fascinating outdoor experience lets kids (and adults) sit and relax or stand up to sway and spin.

The thick, UV-resistant material is incredibly durable yet perfectly comfy. The included double carabiners and two-foot adjustable-height ropes can easily attach to a tree hanger or a sturdy play structure.

Young or old, this is sure to become your new favorite piece of outdoor furniture!

Reimagine outdoor play and leisure with the Slackers Hammock Swing.

Slackers Hammock Swing
  • A unique hammock-like chair/swing
  • Encourages gross motor skills, active play, outdoor play, relaxation
  • Thick, durable, UV-resistant material - Sturdy yet wonderfully comfortable
  • Great for kids (or adults!) to sit and relax or stand up to sway and spin
  • 2-foot adjustable height ropes can attach using double point connection with 2 tree hangers or from a play structure
  • Includes Swing Hammock with 2-foot adjustable-height ropes, 2 delta carabiners
  • Tree hangers or attachments for other play structures not included
  • Weight limit 200 lbs
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability and safety