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Sentosphere: Aquarellum - Glow in the Dark Cosmos - Outerspace Painting Set

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  • Paint 2 watercolor masterpieces with Aquarellum Phospho Cosmos!
  • Image outlines glow in the dark!
  • Beautifully designed images and surprisingly vibrant colors!
  • Great for artists of all ages and levels
  • Eco-friendly, made from recycled and recyclable materials
  • Non-toxic, water-based inks
  • Made in France
  • Ages 7 to adult
  • Description

    Aquarellum is a collection of watercolor painting kits that use masking vellum paper in an innovative and exclusive technique that creates beautiful, vibrant paintings. Using this technique, paint only adheres to unmasked areas of the image board. With just a few drops of paint, each brush stroke reveals the image, which may be painted over as many time as needed to obtain the desired artistic result. It’s magic! Aquarellum Phospho kits utilize glow-in-the-dark vellum paper, so masked surfaces will shine brightly in the dark!

    All ages and levels will discover the pleasure of watercolor painting and color mixing. Learn and perfect the art of watercolor painting or paint simply for creative expression!

    The Aquarellum difference:
    • Beautifully-designed images with masked outlines
    • Highly-quality, crinkle-free vellum masking paper perfect for watercolor painting
    • Masked surfaces keep the paint from adhering
    • Unmasked surfaces hold the paint
    • Vibrant watercolor inks that mix perfectly and can be overlaid to create beautiful blends and gradients
    • Detailed color mixing instructions

    Kit includes:
    • 2 masked image boards (each 12.8" x 9.8")
    • 7 watercolor inks
    • 1 high-quality paintbrush
    • 1 palette to mix colors
    • 1 pipette
    • Multilingual instructions

    Created by Véronique Debroise in France.