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Roll With It Giant Inflatable Rolling Wheel

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  • Choose your destiny! Be the runner in this wild adventure, balancing inside the wheel of time. Or push the wheel from the outside, growing those mighty muscles. Hearthsong's Roll With It™m Giant Inflatable Rolling Wheel is the new and cool way to rock and roll or, rather, run and roll! It's a hamster wheel...for kids!
  • With a 67" outside diameter and 45" inside diameter and durable 0.5mm thick PVC vinyl, this big wheel holds up to 300
  • The cheese-rolling parade has got nothing on the giant rolling wheel. It's bigger, better, faster, stronger, and rollier. Even your babysitter can't keep up! Walk, run, or somersault from inside; push a friend from the outside; or turn on its side for a colorful hideaway fort
  • Non-stretch, poly-coated mesh material on the inside is easy to grasp and stays cool to the touch, so no fiery-feeling fingers!
  • Tell your dad to pump up the volume of the rolling wheel with HearthSong's electric pump (sold separately) and let's get this party started!
  • Great for kids 5 and up