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Ring O’Links from Sassy

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8 colorful Sassy Ring O' Links are attached to 1 larger black and white link. Shake the links for noise and feel each link for various textures. The links encourage tactile exploration while the bright colors stimulate baby's sense of vision.
  • Paint free.
  • Ages newborn and up.


  • Developmental Toys 
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Paint Free 
  • Inspire the Senses®
  • Sensory to Stem
  • Developmental Matrix

Sassy developmental baby toys are designed to help provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning by fostering development and stimulating the brain. High contrast patterns, playful textures, various sounds, age-appropriate materials and innovative functional features are all key components to our Sensory Play and STEM toys.

Taste - Baby's sense of taste is the most developed at birth. This sense, along with their own natural curiosity, helps baby explore the world around them. In order to foster language skills, baby is learning about her tongue, lips, and emerging teeth while exploring a variety of textural objects with their mouth.

Hearing - Babies use their ears to learn about the world around them; it enables them to learn how to communicate and stimulates brain development. Encourage play with the exploration of rattles. Soft, gentle sounds are important for close-to-ear interaction. Watch baby search for sounds as you move a rattle from one side of her to ther other. 

Touch - Variety helps baby make important connections that foster learning later in life, and that's why touch us such an important sense. Provide baby with toys that have movable parts and different textures to explore. As baby grows, she will master dexterity with both hands. 

Vision - At birth, baby has very poor eyesight and hardly any depth perception. High contrasts and colors in the red hue spectrum are all they can detect until about 4 months of age. As vision develops, they will respond best to organized patterns, symmetry and smiling faces. 

Science - Children are natural scientists. Science is all about thinking and figuring out just how the world works. Enrich your baby's mind through discovery and play by observing and experimenting, curiously exploring, asking questions, showing her how things work and allowing them to repeat what they have seen. 

Technology - Technology is using a manipulative to do something, like a lever on a teeter totter or a simple wheel or ramp. Interacting with toys, being inventive, identifying problems and making things work will pique baby's interest and keep them exploring. 

Engineering - Engineering focuses on solving problems and building. Enrich your baby's mind by using a variety of materials to design and construct things that work. Whether baby is building a tower with blocks or fitting objects together, they are figuring out how and why things work. 

Math - Math for baby is all about the basics. Early math concepts, such as counting and shapes, surround us in our daily lives. As baby grows, they begin to experiment with the concepts of math by sequencing numbers, creating patterns, sorting and classifying, and understanding special relationships.