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Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes Game

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  • ● Spark Togetherness! Let’s play – together! Educational Insights toys and games are designed to make the most of together time, helping kids learn to build positive relationships, work together, compromise and share, win and lose gracefully, and so much more
  • ● Help Pete the Cat keep walking along and singing his song! Players spin a super-cool, guitar-shaped color randomizer and practice colors and matching as they collect their game token
  • ● Color-Matching Preschool Game - Take turns spinning the spinner, turning the included Pete the Cat color wheel until Pete's shoes match that color, and picking up the matching colored object. The first one to collect one of each colored object wins!
  • ● Build Social Emotional Skills (SEL)! Little Pete the Cat lovers practice turn-taking and good sportsmanship as they play. Win or lose, it’s all good!
  • ● Includes 4 Pete the Cat boards, plastic guitar color randomizer, 16 colored tokens, and game board
  • Description

    Take a stroll through preschool learning with the ONLY official Pete the Cat game based on the best-selling title “I Love My White Shoes”! Spin a super cool, guitar-shaped, color randomizer to determine whether Pete has stepped in red strawberries, blue blueberries, green grass, or yellow bananas. Spin the included Pete the Cat color wheel until Pete’s shoes match that color, then search for the matching game token in the game box. Collect all 4 colors and you win this groovy game of colors and matching, in addition the game play also encourages good sportsmanship, practices turn-taking, and aids in social/emotional development, so everyone’s a winner! Includes four Pete the Cat boards, plastic guitar randomizer, 16 color tokens, and game guide.

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    Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up

    Type of Game: Educational Games

    Playing Time: 15 Minutes