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National Geographic 40x-640x Zoom Microscope

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In addition to revealing the cellular side of the world around, the National Geographic 40x-640x Zoom Microscope comes with a smartphone adapter that can help junior scientists document and share their microscopic discoveries.
This compound microscope has a zoom eyepiece, a rotating turret of three objective lenses and a magnification range of 40x-640x.
Features & details:
  • Study specimens in stages using three magnification powers ranging from 40x to 640x.
  • Color filter wheel makes it easier to recognize details of colorless or transparent specimens.
  • Two types of illumination provide more options when viewing different specimens.
  • Includes 10x-16x Widefield Zoom Eyepiece, Prepared Slides, Blank Slides, Slide Case, Slide Cover/Labels, Slide Cover Case, Specimen Vials, Graduated Cylinder, Pipette, Tweezers, Magnifying Glass, Round Cutter, Hatchery, Yeast, Yeast, Smartphone Adapter, AA Batteries, Experiment Book

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