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Mermaid Splash Pad

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Splash with a mermaid!

The edge inflates to create a lovely pool for feet to splash and dance in while all along the perimeter are water sprayers that create an enchanting fountain of crisp, cool water.

And all the while, the floor is printed with a smiling, slumbering mermaid with her inflated tail hanging over the side!

Splash, slide, sit, play - The summer heat is washed away like a sandcastle at high tide with the Mermaid Splash Pad.

Mermaid Splash Pad
  • Mermaid-themed inflatable splash pad measuring over 5 feet wide
  • Encourages active play, imaginative play, outdoor play
  • Inflatable edges create little pool to splash in
  • Surrounded by water sprayers
  • Floor printed with smiling, slumbering mermaid, features inflatable mermaid tail
  • Includes one mermaid splash pad
  • Attaches to any standard garden hose
  • Easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, summer after summer