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EggMazing Dino Egg Decorating Kit

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  • Egg-decorating kit for kids who love dinosaurs!
  • Includes egg lathe, two "cracked" dinosaur eggs, and eight food-safe markers
  • Each egg includes a mystery dinosaur (with interchangeable heads and limbs) and slime—order multiple sets for more creative fun!
  • Egg-spose cracks as you decorate the eggs
  • Battery-operated egg lathe requires four AA batteries, not included
  • Can also be used with hard-boiled or plastic eggs
  • Ages 3 and up.

Combining a love for dinosaurs and crafts, the EggMazing Dino Egg Decorator Kit offers a new spin on Easter-egg decorating! This dino-themed egg lathe holds a "cracked" dinosaur egg (two included), and kids hold one of eight food-safe markers against the egg as it spins. Once you start decorating your egg, the cracks are "eggsposed!" Inside the egg, you'll find a mystery dinosaur and SLIME (who doesn't love a little slime with their Easter egg?) The included dinosaur has interchangeable head and limbs, so order multiple sets for more creative fun.

Can also be used with hard-boiled or plastic eggs. Four AA batteries required, not included.