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Do-A-Dot Art! Ultra Bright Shimmer Set of 5

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Arts and crafts just got easier, and cleaner, with Do A Dot Art! The Original Dot Marker.

Do A Dot Art! Tutti Frutti Shimmer set comes with 5 WASHABLE markers. Each marker has a PATENEDED large sponge tip that will never dry out, and makes a perfect dot every time. Do A Dot Art! markers have bold pigments and bright colors that dry fast. Perfect for layering, blending, mixing colors, and covering a lot of space.

Do A Dot Art! markers are incredibly beneficial for teaching young children the benefits of layered learning. They are the perfect art medium for those seeking arts and crafts that spark creativity and inspire open-ended unscripted play.

Come see why Do A Dot Art! is the number one art medium used in preschools and elementary schools around the world!

• Includes 5 Shimmer Colors: Coral, Violet, Magenta, Sunflower Yellow, and Teal

• Made in the USA

• Dries Quickly, and Sponge Tips Never Dry Out

• Each Marker contains 2.5 ounces of ink more than other Dot Markers

• Washable

• Mix, Blend and Layer Color

• Does not Contain: Latex, Dairy & Casein, Egg, Gluten, Peanut & Tree Nut, or Soy