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Dive Sticks from Stream Machine

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  • Vibrant Colors - Water Sports diving sticks are no ordinary pool toys, designed with bright fun colors to not only see them better at the bottom of the pool but because bright colors are fun
  • Challenge Yourself - These 12-inch dive sticks are infused with sand helping them to sink quicker and stay at the bottom of the pool; Throw them in the deep end to challenge your inner swimmer athlete
  • Multiple Uses - Not only are Water Sports dive sticks a big splash of fun, they can also be used for learning purposes when in the beginning stages of swimming; It's never a bad thing to turn a lesson into something fun
  • Fun For all - This set includes 4 brightly colored dive sticks
  • Perfect for tournaments and aquatic games, these Dive Sticks turn ordinary swimming into an engrossing sport; Colors and packaging may vary