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Theo Klein 6941 – Washing Machine, Toy

Theo Klein has reconstructed this washing machine for children as a faithful replica in the popular Miele design. This toy does not only look like a real washing machine, it also has real functions that make it so much fun!!!

By pressing the start button, a complete stage of the washing programme starts – including water supply, washing, water drainage and spinning.

A built-in sound module generates the appropriate sound – as well as the signal when the laundry is ready.

Each function can be started separately, with our without water, by using the individual buttons. The water can be drained off easily with a hose.

By the way, the washing machine can also be operated manually, without batteries. At the backside of the machine is a crank with which the drum can be turned.


Faithful replica


  • Required batteries: 3 x R14-C (Baby)
  • Suitable for doll clothes


First fill the water into the detergent compartment and start the machine. After a successful washing programme, the water can be drained off through a hose at the back side of the machine.


Water filling and draining option


  • Works with and without water
  • Water drain through a hose on the backside


The buttons can be used to start the different programmes with four different original sounds.


Different “washing programmes”


  • With 4 different original programmes and sounds


The Miele washing machine by Theo Klein works both, with and without water. It is perfectly suitable to wash doll clothes.


Including two detergent packs


  • Measurements: approximately 18,5 x 18 x 26 cm
  • Weight: approximately 1,6 kg


As an additional fun fact there are two different detergent dummies that can be stored in the washing machine.