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Sesame Street Elmo Glo Pal Character

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Glo Pals has teamed up with their pals on Sesame Street to create an exclusive line of Glo Pals featuring everybody's favorite furry friend - Elmo!

Bringing sunny days in a whole new way! Insert Glo Pals Light-Up Cube into the back of your favorite muppet, drop it in water, and watch it come to life!

Meet the Glo Pals! The Glo Pals are light-up characters that are made for bath time (but can be used for sensory play too!). Simply drop the pals in liquid and they'll automatically light up. This makes for an amazing and fun experience for children of all ages. Drop them in and watch the glo pals make bath time fun. Once bath time is ober, the Glo Pals turn off automatically, making it easier to get kids into and out of the tub.

* Includes 1 Glo Pal Character, 2 Glo Pal Light-Up Cubes

* Ages 3+B

How to care for your Glo Pals: 

Remove Light-Up Cube from the back of the Glo Pal Character. Store Light-Up Cube in a dry location for longer battery life.