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LumiPet Bunny

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Sooth your children and lull them to sleep with an adorable LumiPet!

The LumiPet night light offers nine different colors that are soft and soothing for a good night's sleep

* The remote control included with the night light lets you change colors remotely or you can press on top of the light to do it manually

* Adjust the light's brigthness level with the remote and enjoy the different bedroom atmospheres it can create - use it at its brightest to read bedtime stories and tone it down when it's time to sleep

Soft and cuddly

Made from a high quality silicone, the LumiPet nightlight is soft, cuddly and safe for use. Because it doesn't heat up, it can be used either at a distance or be embraced by anxious children, making it easier for them to fall asleep. They're designed to be sturdy and hold up to rough handling

Battery Life

The LumiPet bedtime lamp will stay on for 12 continuous hours after being charged via USB. Leave it on at night, either plugged or unplugged, and set a 15, 30 and 60 minute timer to turn it off during the night and extend battery life. This nightlight is great for traveling, making it a great companion for your little one

Easy to use

The included remote control lets you or your child choose the color remotely, or you can press on the squishy light to cycle through them. It's easy to turn off the nursery light with the power button